The term ‘Feed Design Lab’ was coined in 2007, when several of the companies involved realised that sustainability and innovation in animal feed were sorely needed and could only be achieved through cooperation. The founders were keenly aware of the need to develop new raw materials and new technologies. A market survey identified a sectoral need for independent R&D facilities and training opportunities, confirming that the intended aims of Feed Design Lab were well matched to the needs of the sector.

The original initiators – Vitelia, Dinnissen, DSM, Imtech and HAS Hogeschool – joined forces to lay the foundations for Feed Design Lab. Open innovation and knowledge sharing remain the keywords to this day: by working together on innovation and by sharing this knowledge, Feed Design Lab contributes to the aim of achieving a sustainable animal production chain. To allow improvement and innovation in feed, we next needed the right technological facilities where validation and testing of new recipes, ingredients and technology could take place. This high-tech facility would take the form of a flexible, small-scale trial plant providing the space and capacity to capitalise on innovations in education and research.

In 2011 the Feed Design Lab foundation was set up with the aim of making Feed Design Lab a reality. The decision to start building was taken on 1 June 2013 and Feed Design Lab officially opened its doors on 4 April 2014.

Feed Design Lab organises open-registration training programmes and devises tailor-made courses based on specific customer requirements. Hands-on practice plays a key role in every course: “learning by doing” is of paramount importance.

Below our company movie from 2015.