Feed Design Lab offers training courses in the area of feed production and process technology. We organise open-registration training programmes for both new and experienced employees and devise tailor-made courses based on specific customer requirements. Hands-on practice in our test plant plays a key role in every course: “learning by doing” is of paramount importance.

Planned trainings 2022/2023


What do our training participants think of our training courses?

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The experiences of Sven Groot Koerkamp.


There is an increasing interest in tailor-made trainings at Feed Design Lab. Companies are choosing to have their employees follow training specifically tailored to their educational needs. We are happy to respond to this development! For example, a training for BCFTA (Advanced Feed Processing) and an introduction day for new employees of Adifo is planned soon. It is also possible to combine a test in the pilot plant with a training day for your own staff.

We also see the (partner)companies increasingly want to organize a training in collaboration with Feed Design Lab or use our facilities for their own training or relationship day. For example, New Generation Nutrition recently the Insect Processing Training at Feed Design Lab, watch the after-movie here. And partner company MEAM will provide its own training on drying technology in November 3, read more about the programme and register here.

Trainings with open registration, like the popular Introduction in feed, will be organised. Read more about the experience of a participant.

New Generation Nutrition recently organized the Insect Processing Training at Feed Design Lab. Watch the new Generation Nutrition video here.

Partner company MEAM will provide its own training on drying technology on November 3, 2022.Read more about programm and registration.

We will of course continue to organize training courses with open registration, such as the popular introductory course!

Please contact Ageeth van der Lee about the possibilities.