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Stefan Kuijpers is introducing Vitelia:

What is your relation to Feed Design Lab?

Vitelia is one of the founding fathers of Feed Design Lab. We are a close related partner from the very beginning. At the moment I represent Vitelia in the Board of Feed Design Lab.

What is your position at Vitelia?

General Director of the Cooperative Vitelia.

What is the position of Vitelia in the animal production sector?

Coopertative Vitelia is an agricultural cooperative, of which the company Vitelia Feed is one of the members. They produce and supply high quality feed for the animal production sector, all with cooperative normes and values.

Why are you a partner of Feed Design Lab?

Vitelia as a company is constantly looking for new developments, technological as well as new raw materials. Together with Feed Design Lab an interesting network of partners work together and perform research. Feed Design Lab is very good equiped for research and experienced in performing experiments, it is the place to find partners to innovate together.

Which topics you think Feed Design Lab should be active in?

Sustainability in many ways. For the animal production sector, for technical topics and new raw materials. Besides that showing the new technological developments and inform the partner about this.


Feed Design Lab is the leading practical research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. More than 100 companies from across the sector, based both in the Netherlands and abroad, are partners in Feed Design Lab and participate actively in our network.


Feed Design Lab has three primary activities: renting out our test plant, providing training and developing projects. Feed Design Lab is unique in this – nowhere else in Europe do research, training and trial feed production all take place within the same institute.

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