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Bert van Bremen introduces E.F.S.-Holland:

E.F.S. strongly believes in cooperation between companies, (research) institutions, training courses, governments, in and outside the compound feed sector.
The statement “there is much more than the usual ” is certainly applicable to our company.
This is one of the reasons that E.F.S. has been a partner since the establishment of Feed Design Lab (2014).

Our company has specialized in a number of sub-areas of the nutrition in the compound feed sector. Since 1996, E.F.S. has been supplying and developing. innovative health-promoting products and solutions for the international animal feed sector. Thanks to high quality, the power of nature and our expertise, we create the highest possible return from raw materials in collaboration with our customers.
We are also specialists in the field of bacteriological control and decontamination of animal feeds and feed materials. That makes us E.F.S!

We see Feed Design Lab as a spider in the web between technology-nutrition and training-research.
Stimulating partnerships and network meetings are important for this.
In this context, the Advisory Council is an instrument to be able to contribute to the development of the Feed Design Lab. A consultation platform has been set up for this purpose between Greenvalley International, Speerstra Feed Ingredients and E.F.S.-Holland.
Interesting topics for our side of the animal feed industry to tackle for Feed Design Lab can be: validation of residual flows, influence of production processes on quality additives / raw materials and new processing techniques.
Progression through Innovation!

The E.F.S. Team


Feed Design Lab is the leading practical research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. More than 100 companies from across the sector, based both in the Netherlands and abroad, are partners in Feed Design Lab and participate actively in our network.


Feed Design Lab has three primary activities: renting out our test plant, providing training and developing projects. Feed Design Lab is unique in this – nowhere else in Europe do research, training and trial feed production all take place within the same institute.

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