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For our partner companies, we develop projects that contribute to the goal of achieving a sustainable animal protein chain. The focus here is on health, technology and the use of new raw materials.
Feed Design Lab participates actively in research such as the PPP Circular Bio-economy and an INTERREG NWE project dealing with the development of algae and their technological applications.
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Algae and insects

Following exploratory studies, two HAS Venlo students interning at Feed Design Lab carried out a project to compare the in vitro amino acid digestion of algae and insects with that of soya meal and fish meal. The algal species Spirulina and whole Black Soldier Fly larvae were used to produce a pelleted pig feed. Other test feeds contained soya meal or fish meal.
The resulting feeds were used in an in vitro model mimicking digestion in pigs. The amino acid profile of the output was then analysed in the laboratory. Calculations were performed to determine the in vitro ileal digestion of each test material.
The results were presented to the Feed Design Lab partners.

Feed Design Lab is also active in the INTERREG IDEA project. The website about this project tells more:

An online webinar about “Insects in the picture” was held at May 26, 2021. The Powerpoint presentations and the Questions and Answers of this meeting are available.Interested to discuss on these topics? Please contact

Optimal particle size in broiler feeds

Feed Design Lab partners joint-funded a project carried out by Zetadec and Feed Design Lab. The aim was to identify the optimal particle size for corn, wheat and soya meal used as raw materials in broiler feed. A coarse and fine variant of each test material was produced. These were then used to create six combinations or “treatments” that were manufactured as pelleted trial feeds. After feeding these to broilers, the results in terms of growth, feed intake, feed conversion and litter score were calculated and processed statistically. In the presentations and final report, the measurements taken during raw material and feed production and the subsequent broiler trial were discussed and conclusions were drawn.

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