On Thursday December 7th a number of companies, partners and some non-partners, visited Feed Design Lab to participate in the FDL Challenge Day. This day was all about challenges and the focus was on energy savings and innovation in the animal feed sector. The day was a combination of information exchange regarding energy savings and challenges facing the sector.

During the Challenge Day we heard from Zetadec how pelleting can be done without using steam by using the BOANICO2. The afternoon continued with a presentation of IVS Dosing Technology which taught us a few things about the disadvantages of wet steam and the advantages of dry steam.

During the break intermezzo we listened with particular interest to Metalot. This presentation was about iron powder and its application in a closed loop as an energy carrier. After this intermezzo we continued with a presentation by Clayton, where it became clear that the current power grid does not have enough to offer when we switch from gas to electricity en masse; so we must first look to other solutions. The last presentation was from Nijsen Company which gave us a challenging presentation about how AI can help the animal feed sector in various problems and why now is the time to take action. Who is in?

In short, we look back on a very successful and educational Challenge Day  that provided enough inspiration for a follow-up!