Celebrating 10 years of Feed Design Lab

On June 14, we celebrated Feed Design Lab’s 10th anniversary with a festive networking event.

What started in 2014 with the mission to be the practical research and education center for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed industry, has grown in 10 years into a widely well known institute with a modern pilot plant, training programs and an active network of 110 partner companies.

For the celebration of this anniversary, the pilot plant was transformed and festively decorated into a beautiful presentation and party hall.

In the morning there was a special program for our partners, they could bring a visit to our partner company Dinnissen. There was a lot of interest and 2 buses went to Sevenum with about 70 guests. They got a 2.5 hours presentation and guided tour at the innovative company that has 75 years of experience as an equipment manufacturer and system integrator.

Afterwards there was a delicious networking lunch, also exclusively for Feed Design Lab partners, in which about 110 guests participated.

From half past two PM there was an afternoon program with a retrospective of 10 years of Feed Design Lab by director Trudy van Megen, an interesting lecture entitled: “Advancing animal nutrition towards 2050” by Gert van Duinkerken of Wageningen University & Research and pitches from 5 Young Feed Professionals with their vision: ”What future are you looking for?”.  Han Swinkels, chairman of the board of Feed Design Lab, pleasantly and skillfully linked all parts of the program together.

The day ended with a toast to this anniversary and a networking drink with delicious snacks and drinks. In the meanwhile, a caricature artist made a beautiful portrait for anyone who wanted.

With a total of almost 200 guests throughout the day, we can look back on a very successful event!

Below are the 5 Young Feed Professionals and an impression of the interesting and fun day. Thank you all!