The team


The Feed Design Lab foundation is led by an executive board consisting of various sections which play a role in the feed industry. These include feed manufacturers, suppliers of ingredients and raw materials, technology providers, advocacy groups and members drawn from research and education.
The executive board is responsible for the overall running of Feed Design Lab. Responsibility for day-to-day operations is delegated to the management board. The executive board includes an executive committee composed of a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary/treasurer

The executive board of the “Stichting Open Innovatiecenter Feed Design Lab” has the following composition:

Chairperson: Mia Eeckhout (Ghent University)
Vice-chairperon: Dirk de Vriendt (DSM)
Secretary/treasurer Stefan Kuijpers (Coöperatie Vitelia)
Member: Perry Konings (Dinnissen)
Member: Frans van Leijden (HAS Hogeschool)