Feed Design Lab was founded in 2014 as a foundation with the objective of: contributing to the innovation and sustainability of the animal feed sector, developing a centre for practice, research and education and being a platform for its partner companies.

The board meets 2 to 3 times a year. The desired innovative developments to which Feed Design Lab (for its partner companies) can contribute is the most important agenda item.

The board is formed by Chainpartners, bringing together various sectors that play a role in the animal feed industry. This includes feed manufacturers, ingredient and raw material suppliers and technology suppliers.

The board is responsible for the entire ins and outs of Feed Design Lab in general. For daily operations, it delegates this responsibility to the management.

The current board has the following composition:

Executive Board:
Chairman: Han Swinkels (HS Consultancy)
Vice-chairperson: Juul Jenneskens (Dinnissen)
Secretary/treasurer: Louise Peelen (Vitelia Voeders)

Board Members:
Dirk van Thielen (Boerenbond België/Arvesta)
Rens Mulder (Triott Group)
Geert Bruggeman (Agrifirm/Nuscience)
Jan Speerstra (Additives 4 Tommorrow/Speerstra Feed Ingredients)
Hans Couwenberg (DSM)
Agenda member: Sander Geelen (Geelen counterflow)