Review: Employees on training at Van Aarsen

On Friday, March 1, the process operators and process technologist from Feed Design Lab visited machine manufacturer Van Aarsen in Panheel. The reason was the comment in the media about Van Aarsen’s simulation training. During this informative day, a simulation of a normal feed factory was offered. E&IA project engineer Marc Peute showed us the design of the factory in terms of software and hardware. We were invited to the room where they assemble and configure customers’ servers. The various functionalities were explained to us via screens for grinding, mixing and pressing. This way we got a good idea of ​​how companies can view the work of the Van Aarsen engineers/designers with the help of FOS (functional design software) and FAT (factory acceptance test).

During the explanation on a large screen, various other compound feed topics were discussed in the presence of Team Leader Frank Dircks. At the end of the day, David Banyay, Innovation Manager, also joined us to talk about the innovative issues at Van Aarsen. Nice to hear and all in all an interesting and educational day. Feed Design Lab thanks the people of Van Aarsen for their hospitality!