Wanssum, November 19, 2020

Feed Design Lab, the practical research & education center for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed industry, has invested in its pilot plant this year. At the start of Feed Design Lab in 2014, a pilot plant was opened for research into new raw materials & production techniques and training activities. Now, 6 years later, the renewed pilot plant aims to further professionalise what Feed Design Lab is unique in: experimenting for the animal feed industry and providing practical training.
Within Feed Design Lab, 115 partner companies and knowledge institutions work together in a unique network on innovation within the animal feed sector.

18 partner companies contributed to the renovation
In total 18 partner companies contributed to the renovation.
The renovation was completed in the summer months and recently put into use.
Read more about the companies and the renewed equipment here..

Unique possibilities Companies from all over the world are interested in the extensive testing options. Feed Design Lab can thus make an important contribution to, among other things, the application of circular raw materials, improving animal health and reducing the CO2 footprint of animal feed.

Virtual Tour The renovated pilot plant can also be visited during Corona time, interested parties can fill in the form for a virtual tour.

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