Geert Bruggeman from Royal Agrifirm introduces itself…

Geert Bruggeman, Innovation Scout at Royal Agrifirm Group, has been a member of the board of directors of Feed Design Lab since 2020. Previously, the Belgian Nuscience had been a partner and member of the advisory board since the founding of Feed Design Lab at the end of 2011. After the acquisition of Nuscience by Royal Agrifirm Group, this membership was transferred to Royal Agrifirm Group and his position was extended to the board of directors of Feed Design Lab.

Royal Agrifirm Group is a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries in 16 countries in Europe, South America and Asia, and a global distribution network. Royal Agrifirm Group delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable value on the farm, in the field and for industry.

Royal Agrifirm Group offers a wide range of innovative and effective animal feeds, tailor-made premixes, powerful concentrates, additives, functional feed ingredients, digital tools and professional advice. These solutions play an important role in the animal health, welfare and overall performance of the customer’s animals.

Geert Bruggeman is closely involved in the innovation process within Royal Agrifirm Group and is part of the R&D team. In his position, he follows the latest global trends and concepts developing within agriculture. In his key position within Feed Design Lab, he can translate this knowledge into innovative services for Feed Design Lab and its members.

Furthermore, Feed Design Lab offers Royal Agrifirm Group an excellent platform to train new employees, as well as the possibility to evaluate some innovative pre-competitive concepts together with other Feed Design Lab partners. Topics that are gaining more importance are chain approach as well as sustainability, including energy management in production facilities.

Together we strive for a sustainable future by developing and implementing innovative solutions within the agricultural sector.