Bob Holtermans introduces Insect Engineers:

My name is Bob Holtermans, and I am the founder and owner of Insect Engineers.
Insect Engineers has the focus to make black soldier fly (BSF) farming as commercially attractive as possible. We do this by supplying turnkey systems but also by sharing knowledge through our Insect School.

The link to animal feed is these days a well-known link but at same time there is a lack of knowledge (sharing). I have seen the same at meetings at Feed Design Lab. The interest in using insect as animal protein is definitely present. A proof that is important to have initiatives like the Insect School.

At Insect School, we:

  • Connect entrepreneurs who want to share and gain knowledge.
  • Work with educational institutions to gain insights and stimulate new research. At the same time, we want to make the change from lab-scale tests to commercial scale.
  • Help waste management companies who are looking for new, sustainable ways to process waste.
  • Revolutionize the way we look at animal nutrition.

We invite you to visit the opening of the Insect School from 28 June – 1 July. You can come just for a tour or even join the official opening and a workshop. Registration is needed and program can be found on
When you already want to see some more info about a BSF farm, I would advise to look at the movies on website.

Our membership with Feed Design Lab is established because we hope to make further connections between the insect and feed industry. To have better sharing of knowledge and better understanding how to make this commercially interesting for all parties involved. For that reason, hope to talk to you soon!

At the same time Feed Design Lab can create initiatives in doing tests with insects like the BSF for the feed industry. We hope the recent development for a project performing trials for dog feed and at the same time work with other Feed Design Lab partners to look for the best drying possibilities will take place. Without Feed Design Lab we would not be able to create this network for such important tests.
And last but not least, what we find particularly important is the practical approach. More a hands-on mentality. We have done that for our own business, and it is ideal that we see an organization like Feed Design Lab has a similar approach. Because in the end this all helps in where I started my story, to make the farming of BSF as commercially attractive as possible.