Jason Kiem from InsectoCycle introduces himself:

What is your relationship with Feed Design Lab and how long have you been a partner? We have been following FDL for a while and visited Wanssum last summer. The enthusiasm with which we have been received, has made us decide to become a member.

What is your position at InsectoCycle? I am the co-founder and director of InsectoCycle.

What does InsectoCycle mean for the animal feed sector?  InsectoCycle contributes to make the animal feed sector future-proof. From insect products in sustainable pet food, or animal proteins in poultry feed, to volarising residual flows, InsectoCycle can be of importance to all these parties in supplying knowledge and  insect products.

Why are you a partner of Feed Design Lab? We want to bring awareness of insect products as ingredients for animal feed to other partners of Feed Design Lab. By participating in projects, workshops and network events, we will familiarize them with all the benefits that this new source of nutrition has to offer in terms of sustainability, animal health and circularity.

Which themes do you think Feed Design Lab should tackle and which topics do you personally find interesting?

  • Circular feed.
  • Animal proteins in animal feed after adjustments of the feed ban.
  • Processing insect products in feed.
  • Marketing insect products in animal feed.