Jordy van der Sterren introducing ARCO-Solutions:

What is your relation to Feed Design Lab?
We have been a partner of Feed Design Lab since Juni 2020. We also supplied a conveyor belt in the Feed Design Lab.

What is your position at ARCO ?
Sales Manager

What is the position of ARCO in the animal production sector?
We are a supplier of installations that help to automate the production of animal food. Think of conveyor belts, elevators and custom-made machines.

Why are you a partner of Feed Design Lab?
Because we are convinced that we can add value to the animal food sector by sharing our knowledge. We like to be in the lead and use our knowledge in the innovation of installations that are needed in the production of animal food.

Which topics you think Feed Design Lab should be active in?
How can we improve the technological processes of the food sector efficiently? Or how can we respond to the (new) environmental requirements?