Rens Mulder from Triott Group introduces himself:

What is your relationship with Feed Design Lab and how long have you been a partner? I have represented the Triott Group since May 2019: first on the Advisory Board, and since June 10, 2020 as an official Board member of Feed Design Lab.

What is your position at Triott Group? Since February 1, 2000, I have been the Area Sales Manager for Ottevanger Milling Engineers in the Benelux, Germany and Austria region. Together with 2 colleagues, we handle the acquisition and sale of machinery and installations in the animal feed, pet food and grain processing industry. Sometimes we deliver this in combination with other companies from the Triott Group, other times, not. I also represent the Triott Group at the The International Research Association Feed Technology “IFF” in Braunschweig; and on the “Wissenschaftliche Beirat” (advisory body). We are also a partner of the “Poultry Expertise Center” in Barneveld. The combination of my position as Area Sales Manager, working closely with clients, and holding these board positions keeps my work interesting and challenging.

What does Triott Group mean for the animal feed sector?  The Triott Group is a family of specialized companies that jointly design and build the most complex turnkey installations for the animal feed and food industry. Our total solution includes specialization in storage, and expertise across a wide range of processes in the production chain: from liquid dosing systems to pelleting, and from extrusion to coating. All these activities are managed by a specialized control and automation company, which brings everything together for maximum efficiency. Our joint mission is simple: to help society increase the production of feed & food in terms of both quantity and quality, based on the best Dutch technical knowledge and with a ‘can do’ mentality.

Why are you a partner of Feed Design Lab? Triott Group has been involved as a group partner since 2019. We were stimulated by our sister companies Almex and IVS Dosing Technology, who were already partners before they joined the Triott Group. In the discussions about a vision of the future after 5 years of Feed Design Lab, we joined the challenge to think about the new design of ‘Line 2’ – especially in the field of conditioning and hygiene. An incentive was that other new partners, including Geelen Counterflow, are also involved and have given an extra impetus to the design.  Now, new colleagues within the Triott Group frequently use the course content to get a good introduction to the practices of the compound feed industry.

Which themes do you think Feed Design Lab should tackle and which topics do you personally find interesting? The combination of practical tests, on a semi-production scale; good and clear data recording; and overall expertise in this field, makes Feed Design Lab unique. You could expand this even more, towards instruction/education for new employees or students in the compound feed industry. Agriculture and food supply is constantly evolving worldwide, which makes it wonderful to be able to continue developing as a partner to the compound feed industry.