Greenvalley International presents itself:

What is your relationship with Feed Design Lab and how long are you partner? We are already partner since the foundation of Feed Design Lab. The concept appealed to us, because the combination of an interesting network, the exchange of knowledge en being able to use the trial factory you’ll never find elsewhere.

What is your function within Greenvalley?As founder, owner and director of Greenvalley I have given Greenvalley my own name. It is the English translation of my family name Groenendaal. My daily work comprises of the guidance of the team and based on my commercial responsibility, I work hard in maintaining en expanding relationships with customers and suppliers.

What is the significance of Greenvalley for the animal feed sector? Greenvalley develops additives for the feed sector focussed on more efficient utilization of nutrients and a better health and welfare of animals. Examples are the fight against Streptococcus infections, footpad lesions, stress, etc. We intensively think along with our customers and often develop tailor made products, because every situation asks a different approach.

Why are you partner of Feed Design Lab? For our innovative approach, exchange of knowledge and possibilities for brainstorming are important. Additionally, it’s important for us to be able to transform an innovative concept or idea in a new product and the trial factory makes this possible.

Which topics should Feed Design Lab address to/which subjects do you find interesting? FDL should be used more strongly as the figurehead of innovation in the feed sector. Additionally, FDL should present itself more clearly as problem solver in the feed technology field, not only with the trial factory, but also as partner in brainstorming. It’s hard to imagine any complex idea FDL cannot find a solution for.