Han Swinkels introduces HS Consultancy:

What is your relation to Feed Design Lab? On the 12th November I have succeeded Mia Eeckhout as chair of the board of Feed Design Lab. For me it was not the first time that I visited Feed Design Lab. A little less than 5 years ago I was shown around on the premises of Feed Design Lab by the director Trudy van Megen. At this renewed meeting I must say that I was truly impressed by the network of a.o. Dutch and Belgian partners that have become member of the community that supports Feed Design Lab. I think this is an excellent base for strengthening the two pillars ‘innovative research’ and ‘education’ in the experimental feed mill of Feed Design Lab.

What is your role in relation to the feed industry? In my professional life, I am working as a program leader that aim to improve the sustainability of the livestock sectors. A nice example is the implementation of the ‘KringloopWijzer’ (Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment) in the dairy sector. For the most part the feed companies participate by transferring data of feed deliveries (compound feed and feedstuffs) to a central database and to support the dairy farmer with filling in and interpreting the calculated results of the ‘KringloopWijzer’. Also, I do work together with feed companies on themes such as the upgrading of fluid manure to organic fertilizers in the pig and poultry industry.

Which topics you think Feed Design Lab should be active in? In the coming year Feed Design Lab has planned a substantial investment in the experimental feed mill. With the renewed inventory it will be possible to contribute on a small scale to the development of new feed concepts and to test the effect of f.e. additives in an applied research environment. My expectation is that this will give a boost to the demand for technological research from our partners in the renewed experimental feed mill. Also we have to keep working on a good curriculum with interesting courses to keep up-to-date the knowledge level of the employees of our partners and the students of a.o. the regional colleges.