Introducing Menno Thomas from Zetadec:

My name is Menno Thomas and I am researcher within, and director/owner of Zetadec. Zetadec has been a partner of the Feed Design Lab since 2017. For more than 15 years, Zetadec has been improving animal feed by supporting companies with research, advice and training. In Wageningen we have set up a laboratory and innovation hall for this purpose, where we conduct research in the field of technology, feed materials and additives.

Our strength lies, particularly, in special development and improvement processes where no standard solution is available, such as combining co-products into new raw materials, solving bottlenecks in existing pelleting- and extrusion lines or reducing energy consumption while maintaining physical and nutritional quality.

Zetadec and FDL have been working together for a long time in various areas. There are joint projects in the field of:

  • Effects of grinding technology and resulting fractions (protein and energy components) on animal performance in broilers
  • Fundamental and practical aspects of pelleting high-fibre co-products (in collaboration with WUR)
  • The effect of particle size of feed-mash and process conditions on digestibility characteristics of raw materials (in collaboration with Schothorst and WUR).

Zetadec also provides the ‘Advanced Feed Technology’ course on location at FDL, in collaboration with FDL.

Within the Netherlands, for the coming years, a great deal of attention will be focussed on reducing energy consumption, producing animal feed more cost-effectively and the inclusion of increasingly lean co-products in (pelleted) feed. On the other hand, outside of Europe, the demand for know-how in producing animal feed is large and Zetadec expects to be a major player in full-filling this role. It is at this interface where the combination of FDL/Zetadec brings great benefits to the industry.

Photo: Menno Thomas with the compression- and tension tester and capillary rheometer of Zetadec.