Introducing Bob Bles from WEMO-techniek

What is your relation to Feed Design Lab?
WEMO-techniek has been a partner of feed Design Lab since 2016. In the first year, we sponsored the Kempink durability tester. Sometimes our potential customers go to Wanssum because of this and that is a nice win-win.

What is your position at WEMO-techniek?
As Sales and Marketing Manager of the Alers group, I am primarily a commercial technical advisor for WEMO-techniek, specializing in sampling and testing.

What is the position of WEMO-techniek in the animal production sector?
For the animal feed sector, WEMO-techniek aims to be the specialist in the field of sampling and testing equipment for durability and hardness. With over 25 years of experience, we don’t have to say no when it comes to sampling and we don’t shy away from specials.

The Kempink durability tester has proven itself in 6 years as the new standard for the ‘grit test’, the durability test for animal feed pellets. As a machine manufacturer, we also took over the Geurts counterflow cooler in 2022, with which we are already achieving cross-border success. About 60% of the sales of WEMO technology go all over the world.

Why are you a partner of Feed Design Lab?
Our motivation was that if we want to market the Kempink tester as the new standard for durability, it should not be missing at a pilot plant such as FDL. But from the moment of our collaboration, it has become apparent that FDL far exceeds the title of ‘pilot plant’. The FDL takes a critical look at what is happening in the market. This helps all players in the market and ultimately also the animal feed market itself. With every visit, presentation and/or discussion, we learn from each other, from the FDL team, but certainly also from all other partners.

Which topics you think Feed Design Lab should be active in?
At the last meeting I started the discussion about constant quality, the monitoring of this and the relationship with, for example, energy consumption (and energy savings). The last has certainly not been said about this. In that respect, every step in the process, from purchasing raw materials to cooling the end product, could be investigated and viewed much further.

The market can best be called conservative and parties such as the Feed Design Lab can give the market a boost to develop itself.