Edwin van Diessen, Van Doren Engineers:

What is your relation to Feed Design Lab?
From the renewal of the pilot plant in 2020, we have been a partner of Feed Design Lab in the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation.

What is your position at Van Doren Engineers?
My role within Van Doren Engineers is account management.

What is the position of Van Doren Engineers in the animal production sector?
Van Doren Engineers offers the feed sector a total package in the field of Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation and Production ICT. A good example is the new building project of Vobra Special Petfoods in Veghel. In the new factory, stand-alone instruments are automated and the entire production process is integrated as a whole.

Every order that comes in at Vobra is translated fully automatically into a detailed production plan with various jobs on the basis of Microsoft techniques. Not only are current capabilities and limitations taken into account, but also a set of business rules and customer requirements. The unique recipes that are requested at the office, for sales or innovation purposes, are immediately translated into parameters and production data for the animal feed specialist, so that the production process is informed and machines and equipment are adjusted.

All disciplines that Van Doren Engineers has in-house, are covered. The Siemens PLC for control, operator support based on Situational Awareness from Wonderware SCADA, and Suite3 MES with a planning algorithm for optimal planning of customer demand for the production process, shop floors and mobile handhelds for an overview of stock and production order information and for quality control purposes. Various control panels have been built throughout the factory and all cabling has been carried out by Van Doren Engineers.

Why are you partner of Feed Design Lab?
Van Doren Engineers is known as an innovative party in the field of control technology and production ICT, which is in line with the innovative character of Feed Design Lab.

Which topics you think Feed Design Lab should be active in?
Van Doren Engineers believes in Industry 4.0 in which high-tech techniques such as machine learning and cloud are integrated. It is important to make these solutions accessible to everyone, from multinationals to the production company around the corner.