Erik Nieuwenhuis and Nico Sterk,EurAtex-VTA Netherlands introduces themselvesr

We are Erik Nieuwenhuis (l) and Nico Sterk (r), owners of VTA Nederland, the parent company of EurAtex, among others. Occupational safety and health has been our core business for more than 25 years, with themes such as:
• explosion safety;
• fire safety;
• machine safety;
• working with hazardous substances;
• ATEX certification.

VTA Nederland works for various industries and is a well-known partner in the animal feed industry. We have in-depth knowledge in the ATEX field and offer solutions for a wide range of safety issues. In addition to broad and in-depth risk inventories & evaluations (RI&E), explosion protection documents (EPD), safety advice, and solutions, VTA Nederland also offers support during the implementation phase. We do this, among other things, through training and certification options.

On top of market evolutions
We have been a partner of Feed Design Lab since 2020. For example, we were allowed to carry out a RI&E pursuant to the Working Conditions Act (article 5) and an in-depth RI&E Machine Safety. In addition, we have drawn up the EPD for Feed Design Lab. Moreover, thanks to our partnership, we are right on top of the new developments in the animal feed industry. For example, new raw materials or mixtures entail different risks, which requires innovative solutions in the field of safety. It is important for us to learn this information from the extensive international network of Feed Design Lab, so that we can properly anticipate within this moving industry. Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge, we are also often involved from the start in the manufacturing sector, partners who develop and build machines for the animal feed industry. In this way, safety aspects can be directly included in accordance with legislation.